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AG Lemonade Stand

Posted by Allison Schroeder on

This week's project is probably the biggest one we are going to do and proved that planning is super important! We used the following items for our project

We ended up using fishing line instead of twine and we also used my Cricut for a step later on, you totally can do what we did without one though.

I mentioned before how planning is important. I bought a crate that was too big, we wanted the American Girl dolls' waists to line up with the top of our stand. I didn't take pictures of this part because I was just focused on finding a solution. I decided to saw off part of the crate and then braced the sides with spare pieces of wood.

Now that we are actually ready to start the project, the first thing we did was paint the crate and our posts white. We had to made sure to get in between all of the slats and in the corners. We used sponge brushes and they made the paint go on really well without streak marks.

Here is what we had after two coats of paint.

Once the crate and posts dried we used Gorilla Glue wood glue to attach the posts to the back of the stand. These posts will hold the sign that we will make.

The glue recommends using clamps to secure a strong hold but we didn't have ones that were big enough so we flipped the crate to have the posts on the bottom and used the weight of the crate to create a stronger seal.

While the glue dried we used the Cricut to create our "Lemonade" sign.

Katem wanted little lemons to book end "Lemonade" so I created a lemon shape and used the Write feature and my Cricut pens to create the look she wanted on white cardstock. Then we glued the white triangles to the green triangles with a glue stick. We then used the Cricut to cut yellow triangles out of cardstock and used the Write feature again to have a letter of LEMONADE written in the center of each triangle. If I had planned better I would have used the Cricut to cut small circles in the corner of each triangle which would have made the next step easier.

Since we didn't have circles cut out I used a small needle to poke holes in the corners. Katem then strung her sign on fishing line.

Once she had all of her letters strung up we glued each end of the sign to the front of the posts and used a clamp to help create a strong hold.

We let the glue dry for two hours and then it was time to play! Katem made some lemons out of paper and had her dolls all set to play. I am really pleased with how this turned out and how well Katem worked with me.


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