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Slumberkins Inc. - Jump Into Space Complete Set


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The perfect gift for fun summer learning!

Join us for a portal hopping journey like never before! In our all-new adventure book, dragon and the kins will take children through space to discover what fills their hearts, how they like to express themselves, and what they’re made of when faced with a challenge.

It’s a journey to self-discovery, and you can complete the mission with jetpacks, planetary pals, and all-new accessories that further empower children to explore the world with stellar curiosity.

This adventure promotes:

  • Self-confidence
  • Communication skills
  • Resilience

This set includes:

  • “jump into space!” hardcover book
  • Dragon kin
  • 3 planet miniflips
  • Jet pack accessory kit (for the kin)
  • Jet pack bag (for the child)